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Jody L. Hansen


Elizabeth Szymanski


About FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act is a Michigan statute that gives the public the right to documents regarding the affairs of government, public officials, and public employees. Under the Act, a person has the right to inspect, copy or receive copies of “public records” of a “public body.”

Duties & Responsibilities

How do I submit a FOIA request?

Send a written request with the title FOIA by any of the following methods:

  • Email to:
  • Mail, hand deliver, or use Drop Box at: 6676 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale MI, 49401
  • Fax to: 616-895-6330

Although no specific form is required, you may use the FOIA form here for your convenience

What kind of response can I expect?

Within 5 business days after receiving a FOIA request the township will issue a response.

What kind of fees should I expect?
  • If the time requirements associated with fulfilling the request exceed 15 minutes a fee may be charged.
  • If your request incurs a cost, the FOIA coordinator will communicate payments processes with you.
  • FOIA Cost Worksheet

Pursuant to Section 4 of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act., MCL 15.234. the following costs will be charged for responses to FOIA requests, according to the FOIA Fee Schedule adopted and periodically revised by the Township Board.

Note: If the estimated cost exceeds $50 a deposit of 50% is required before request will be processed.

Where can I find a full summary of FOIA procedures and guidelines?