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East Pavilion & Bandshell Rental

Rental Fees

The fees below are for a 4-hour block of time. Additional time for the east pavilion and bandshell is $10 per hour. Facility rental blocks are between 8am-9pm.

Allendale resident price: $30
Non-resident price: $60

Rental Times

A block of time for the Township East Pavilion and Bandshell will be reserved only after the cost of the rental is paid in full and the person or group renting the block signs this agreement provided by the Township. If the agreement form is submitted online or via email, the rental cannot be secured until payment is received. No time block shall be held without complete payment. Cancellation of the rental will be accepted up to 48 hours before the scheduled rental time

Rules & Regulations

(1) Township activities, such as, but not limited to: Board meetings, elections, etc. take precedence over any regular rental group.

(2) The renter accepts the premises in its present condition and must return it in like or better condition. The premises must be clean and all refuse shall be placed in garbage bags provided and disposed of in the dumpster located near the maintenance garage. The renter is responsible for set-up and takedown of chairs, tables, etc., and clean-up of the kitchen if used. All Township property must be returned to the designated storage spaces. Only the auditorium, the coat rack, and the restrooms in the lobby may be used. No red beverage will be served on the premises, and the renter is responsible for providing all coffee supplies and making of coffee.

(3) No personal property will be allowed on the premises other than during the rental period. The renter will not allow any member of its group to enter the podium/board area at the south end of the auditorium room. The renter will not use any of the sound/video equipment or allow any member of its group to tamper with the sound/video equipment control panel. The renter will not use displays, decorations or additional furniture that will be destructive to the premises. All lights must be turned off when leaving, and the renter must vacate the premises at the schedule time.

(4) No gambling will take place on the premises. Smoking or tobacco use is not permitted inside Township facilities or within 25 feet of doors of the property. No alcohol may be consumed in or on to the premises with the exception of Section 10 of Ordinance No. 1997-6. The renter may not assign, transfer, sublet or charge a fee to others for the use of the rental property. The Township will be reimbursed for any damages to the premises, building and/or equipment.

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